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Samuel Kam, CEO/COO and CTO
Mr. Kam was among the first group of pioneers of the Internet industry in Hong Kong. In early 1996, he founded PowerNet Internet Group, which was rated as one of the Top three best ISPs in Hong Kong by PC World in 1999, and in 2000, he founded PowerNetix Limited, one of the most advanced Internet Data Centers in Hong Kong; offering up to Layer 7 Application Controls. Mr. Kam has been instrumental in developing many of the advanced services and products for these companies and in particular, the development and management of global VPN products, Utility Computing products and overall network operations. In 2003, he co-founded Power-All Networks Ltd., which specializes in cluster-based computing and Data Centre solutions, "in-a-box." In 2007, he founded www.Video1314.com, which aims to become one of Asia's top destination Internet sites. From 1999 to 2001, Mr. Kam was also a key fund-raiser for several Hong Kong publicly listed companies; Harmony Asset (SEHK#428), Millennium Group (SEHK#260) and Allied Properties (SEHK#56) and in 2001, was featured in the book "Top 100 Smartest persons in Hong Kong."

Prior to his involvement in the Hong Kong Internet industry, Mr. Kam was involved in a number of business enterprises ranging from investment consultation, import/export, business management, real estate, manufacturing and the travel industry. In 1990, Mr. Kam purchased Soficomex Development Corp. He was their president from 1990 to 1996, where he built the company into a major Airline Consolidator for Eastern Canada with a client base of more than 250 travel agencies across the country. From 1987 to 1992, he was president of Samabill Transworld Investments Inc., a Canadian investment consultancy business and was also involved in the import and export of garments.

Wilson Choi, CFO
Wilson Choi devoted himself in the finance industry, he had been in the position of Investment Consultant in Citibank N.A since 2000, and became Vice President at HSBC Futures, where he supported HSBC Treasury and Capital Market funds and investment banks on hedging and speculative activities through the use of futures and options. In 2002, Wilson founded Neutron Capital, a US$10 million multi-strategy private hedge fund which specialize in Mutual Fund Arbitrage and Quantitative Arbitrage. In 2006, he joined Honorpearl as Project Analyst, where he provided advises on corporate structure, capital structure, fund raising and financial projections of projects in China and Hong Kong of various industries. Wilson has proved his strong analytical skill, market sense, risk management skill as well as extensive connections with bankers from his career achievement in the finance industry. Wilson graduated in University of Melbourne in 1997, he got his Master of Finance degree in 1999 and charted as Chartered Financial Analyst in 2004

Thomas Graham Lau, Senior Systems Engineer
Thomas G. Lau has been conducting research on advance Linux systems for over 5 years with a total 8 years experience on Linux. He often promotes build from scratch ideas to the Hong Kong Linux society and is also a contributor to Sourcemage/GNU Linux in Hong Kong.

He has been a Linux User Group public speaker since 2003 and is currently the key Systems Engineer for Video1314. He has also done research focusing on Email Anti-spam filtering technology by statistical methods. He is a specialist on Linux and FreeBSD customization and reverse engineering,

Kengie Ho, Senior Analyst Programmer
Kengie Ho is currently the Senior Analyst Programmer for Video1314 and is key to the research and engineering on video broadcasting, streaming and other video sharing techonologies. Prior to joining Video1314, Kengie was a Product Manager in a telecommunications company that provides wholesale, retail and calling card services, in which he has helped the company to grow to a first-tier service provider with direct termination in more than six countries in Asia Pacific and Europe. He is well experienced in software development, database administration, networking, VSAT and telecommunications. He has studied in Northeastern University in Computer Science.

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